Our Story

We are planning for a better world , with no wars , discrimination , poverty , pollution and no unemployment , We Found that the first key to reach our goal is to improve our upcoming generations by means of Education That Creates Impact .

IN EDUCUALITY WE BELIEVE in the SDGs concepts to make our world a better place ,and in a leading country like Egypt we believe that we can make a good impact by improving youth knowledge and culture and deliver them the curriculum that make them a future peace and development agents.

Who are we ?

“Educuality” is The First Entity in Egypt that focuses on Education For Sustainable Development.

We Design Educational Programs for Young people to build their consciousness of the global situation and the world emerging issues, as well as  we promote their rights and aspirations by ensuring their participation in our community initiatives as a means of achieving peace and sustainable development.

Our crew is a squad of specialists, enthusiasts in international development, pedagogy and CurriculumDesign, Passionate about promotion of global education on sustainable development through our Various Programs .

In “Educuality“ we Believe that Youth can change the world by means of Education that Makes Impact .


“Educuality” Aims at focusing attention and endorsing the programs of the UN on 17 SDGs for the accomplishment of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda Through innovative Educational Solutions , We Design our Programs to Inspire and Empower Egyptian Youth and raise awareness toward 2030 agenda. We Provide Youth with all the required tools to create their own solutions for sustainable development, social impact through their graduation“Educuality” initiatives.

Our Different Programs cover the frontpage issues and a number of interdisciplinary topics related to the17 Sustainable Development Goals.


We envision the first generation of Egyptian youth to feel heard, empoweredto participate in building World Peace , the most determined generationto work and implement SDGs , and the last generation to be vulnerableto climate alteration.

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